Be a Life-long Learner

Jan Jones
October 18, 2023

By now you have likely heard the phrase “Be a life-long learner” but let’s explore what it really means to be a life-long learner.

A reality check often happens when young adults start a new job, they have presumably prepared themselves for the previous four to five years, and discover they have a lot more they need to learn. Add to that the changing technology, use of programs, adjusting to new systems, and different superior’s ways of doing things. Learning on the job is an on-going process, my friend!

Here at Launch Leadership Development, we believe in life-long learning, not just for professional reasons, but for personal enrichment as well.  We want to encourage you to be a life-long learner by answering the following questions:

What does it mean to be a life-long learner?

Why should you become a life-long learner?

How do you become a life-long learner?

Characteristics of A Life-long Learner

·       Voluntarily seeks knowledge for personal or professional use

·       Is curious and has an appetite to learn about many different topics

·       Has a Growth Mindset – does not limit himself or his abilities

·       Does not feel limited by their age, gender, level of education

·       Regularly schedules time to learn

·       Sees opportunities for learning that others miss

The Benefits of Being a Life-long Learner

·        It is necessary to stay relevant in your chosen career

·        It can provide leadership opportunities when you know something about related areas outside of your expertise

·        You will be able to relate to a broader range of people

·        Others will find you more interesting

·        It improves your brain health and cognitive ability

·        It is satisfying and adds to your quality of life

·        It can challenge your thinking and beliefs and open your mind


Do these things to become a life-long learner:

·       Decide that you will become a life-long learner

·       Identify your learning style – how do you learn best? Watching videos? Attending classes in person? Online courses? Listening to audio books and podcasts? Hands on?

·       Identify your interests

·       Identify sources to learn more about your chosen interest:

Books, Ted talks, pod casts or audiobooks, You tube videos, online classes, hands-on workshops/classes, conferences, a mentor

·       Plan and schedule learning time as part of your daily/weekly routine

Improve the quality of your life by choosing to seek out new interests and learning opportunities. It will keep you young at heart and mind! Decide now – what is going to be your next learning adventure?

-Jan Jones

For more on being a life-long learner, check out this video!