Building Good Habits to Gain Control of Your Life

Jan Jones
February 8, 2023

Do you feel in control of your life? Are you confident that your life is
proceeding just as you would like? If not, it’s time to examine why and get
back on track, my friend.

Today we will help you get back on the right path by laying out a roadmap
for you:

  • Accept full responsibility for your path.
  • Identify your goals.
  • Identify and evaluate your daily habits.
  • Be strategic with your habits.
  • Do regular evaluations.

Accept full responsibility. This requires you to acknowledge that you are in
the driver’s seat and it’s all up to you. No blaming other drivers, no excuses,
just an honest self-evaluation of your choices and behaviors that have set
you on your current road.

It may be time to take the next exit and study your map. Correct choices
and behaviors now before you get further down this road.

Identify your goals. Remind yourself of your desired destination. Is it to be
healthier? Get a promotion? Complete a degree? Buy a new home? Be the
best parent you can be? Whatever your goal is, it needs to be front and
center in your mind, my friend, programed into your GPS.

Identify daily habits and choices that are derailing you in your pursuit of
that goal.
These daily habits have a way of sneaking up on you without you
even being consciously aware you are doing them, or how they are
affecting you. Are you stopping at the gas station for a 64 oz soda on your
way to work every morning? Are you consistently letting work interfere with
at home time? Are you sitting in front of the tv too much?

Be strategic with your habits. Often, making small daily changes will
recalibrate your path. One way to shed light on these daily choices and
actions is to use a method Darren Hardy recommends in his book, The
Compound Effect.
He calls it The Tracking down method: choose a habit
you want to improve and for a week write down every time you do that

habit. Often, we are not aware of the reality of our habits until we see them
in black and white.

This self-awareness can give you a feeling of control, helping you realize
you are where you are at because of your own doing, and you have the
power to change direction.

Once you track your daily habits for a week, decide how you want to see
things change so that you reach your goals. Write down one or two ideas
that you can start implementing immediately. Perhaps you substitute water
or iced tea for that daily soda. Maybe turn off your phone for several hours
of focused family time each evening. These will have to be deliberate
choices that will help you reach your goal.

Do regular evaluations. After several months of these new habits, do
another evaluation. Perhaps there are other daily habits you can

The bottom line is that you will reach your goals, your chosen destination,
by keeping those goals in front of you and choosing daily behaviors that
will move you closer to them. Become aware of habits that are derailing
you and eliminate them.

Daily habits compound and should be strategic and positive. Remember,
only YOU are in the driver’s seat of your life, so be deliberate with habits.

For a proven method to help build good habits check out this video: