Cultivate the Power of a Positive Mindset

Jan Jones
October 9, 2023

The power in positive thinking is certainly not a new topic. Biblical teachings reference to “think on these things…” and list positive ideas to focus our mind upon.  In the beginning of the 20th century the idea gained scientific attention, and studies were done that showed there is more to positive thoughts than just “feeling better mentally”.

Today I would like to explore this idea of positive mindset by looking at:

·        What is a positive mindset?

·        Studies of a positive mindset

·        Benefits of positive thinking

·        How to cultivate a positive mindset

Having a positive mindset means that youchofocus on the good in a situation and have hope that disappointing news will work out to a satisfactory end.  Notice the word choose. We always have a choice and can direct our thoughts. That’s powerful, my friend! Practice it!Next time a negative thought jumps into your mind, chase it away with a statement such as, “Nope, not going there. It’s going to work out.”  Faith is the antidote to worry, anger, andevery negative emotion. It isn’t ignoring facts, it is realizing that everything is subject to change and if you have faith in God, you know thatwith God ALL things are possible. Expect a good result!

By the way, even if you do not get the positive result, you were hoping for, you are still better off not having wasted negative energy being upset. Negative thoughts have proven to have a negative effect on our bodies.

Research continues to validate the benefits of a positive mindset:

There are countless studies that have shown the physiological and psychological effect of anything in our lives can be influenced by our mindset, from blood pressure to actualizing a goal. Read that again.

Take a moment to read this article from a well-respected medical institute:

The Power of Positive Thinking | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Currently a popular buzz word in the research world is Growth Mindset: not seeing yourself, your gifts, talents, potential or situation as fixed, but able to change and grow. In other words, creating positive change with possibility thinking. Our teaching staff had a book study on this topic, and the Indiana State Department of Education offers a course on happiness for teachers as I write this, as this subject is influencing public education practices nationwide.

How a positive mindset will benefit you:

·        Increases your chances of a longer life span

·        Decreases your chances of heart disease, strokes and heart attack

·        Increases your pain tolerance.

·        Increases your immunity levels

·        Decreases stress levels, which impacts your health in many ways

·        Clearer thinking and frees up creative thinking

·        Lessens depression symptoms

·        Improves relationships

·        Gives you more energy

·        Can bring about positive results

What does negative thinking give you? Worry, stress, illness, confusion, low energy, hopelessness, strained relationships, and can bring about negative outcomes!

How to cultivate a positive mindset:

If you are naturally a more optimistic person, you are blessed! For those who have to work at it, here are some tips to put into practice:

·        Choose your filter. What are you focusing on? Do you let one negative experience ruin a whole evening? Where are you putting your attention?

·        Reframe negatives. Assume the best. Perhaps you missed being in a car accident because the line at the store was a mile long. Perhaps you had to go through a disappointing experience to move you to a better place.

·        Visualize things working out.  I love this one because it is fun, and I immediately feel stress floating away when I do this.  Play a movie in your mind of things going perfectly in creative ways.  You may just find a solution or better path!

·        Be positive on purpose.  Practice gratitude. Complement others. Do something each day to spread joy or help others.  Choose something that will be “your thing "that you do regularly. Have fun with this!

I encourage you to explore this topic further, because it is THAT beneficial to you and your future.  Remember, a positive mindset is a choice!

-Jan Jones

Check out this video on positivity!