Follow Your Passion

Jan Jones
October 27, 2023

What are passionate about? Have you thought about how you could make aliving doing what inspires you? Do you know what inspires you?

Today I’d like to challenge you in several ways:

·        Examine what inspires you.

·        Examine your values and personality.

·        Go after a career doing what inspires you.

Find your passion and do it. I chose my college major by making a list ofall the things I enjoyed doing. I knew I was leaning toward being a teacher.However, my interests were so varied I couldn’t decide what subject to committo. The list showed me that all of my interests fit into the subject of HomeEconomics – not just cooking and sewing, but interior design, communication,interpersonal relations, child development, teaching basic life skills, andmore, all in one major! It lined up with my traditional values perfectly. And so,it led to a long career I never found boring, and I believe, made a differencein many lives.

Have you made such a list? What activity do you lose track of timedoing because you are enjoying it so much? What are your natural gifts? What doyou love to do and wish you could be paid to do? Make the list!  If you are struggling with knowing what youare passionate about, perhaps you have not tried enough new things to find outwhat excites you. Step out and find out, my friend!

Then think about your values and personality. What on the listlines up best with your top values? Do you know what they are? If you are notsure, check out my previous blog on Values. In that blog is a link to a valuessurvey. Your personality should also match your career if you are going to findit satisfactory. Are you a people person? Are you competitive? Are youempathetic? Explore careers that are a good match for your personality bytaking this widely used test designed for just this purpose:

Holland Code quiz

These steps may sound like common sense, but the facts are that mostcollege students change majors several times, and many adults job hop becausethey hadn’t completely thought through what career best suits theirpersonality, values, and interests. Perhaps they took a job because a friend orrelative set it up for them, or they did not realize specific parts of the jobwere not a good fit. Do not become one of those people who are miserable intheir job! Explore options and examine yourself carefully.

Go after a career that inspires you! Follow yourpassions, know your gifts and strengths, and research careers thoroughly sothat you have a realistic picture of what the day in day out activities willinvolve.  If possible, job shadow someonein that career. Interview them! It is worth making the extra effort to reallyknow a job before committing to that path.

Do not compromise or lack courage to pursue your dream job. I was toldby several educator friends of my parents that I would have a hard time findinghome ec jobs, that I should choose a basic academic subject to teach. I had noproblem finding a job. What if I had listened to them? They meant well, but Iam so glad I followed my heart.

You were born with specific personality traits and strengths that willbe your gift to the world. Your unique blend of characteristics coupled withthat passion in your heart will set you up for a life that no doubt will stillhave bumps along the way but will give you the feeling you are on the rightroad. That is priceless, my friend!

-Jan Jones

For more inspiration on using your passion to find your life purpose,enjoy this video!