Monthly Book Review: Accept the Challenge 101 Strategies for Personal Success By William P. Abram

Jan Jones
December 15, 2023

At Launch Leadership Development we are constantly researching, readingand mining for great leadership and personal development materials that willbenefit you, our digital family. Today’s blog features the book “Accept theChallenge 101 Strategies for Personal Success” by William P. Abram.


First let me just say upfront:  Ilove this book and think you will as well.  It is a gem that didn’t make the best seller’slist but is valuable in many ways.

A Summary:

William P. Abram has compiled pieces of life wisdom from his Georgiaradio program “Motivational Minutes”, which featured brief inspirational adviceon personal growth and business topics. There are not chapters, just topicscovered in one page each. This is a light and inspirational read that willspark ideas and help you overcome roadblocks in your thinking.

         There are threethemes woven throughout the book:

·        Learning and knowledge

·        The vital importance of goals

·        Laser-like focus is necessary for success

His writing style is that of a loving father giving a short talk to hisson or daughter, perhaps in a car ride, or at the dinner table, passing alongwisdom, but stopping short of lecturing. He presents the idea and then proceedsto explain how you can apply it to your life and why it will be of benefit.

Topics include:

Investing your wealth                       The price of success

The truth about accountability        The power of caring

Take control of your life                  The wisdom of goals

Don’t live in the past                        Changing the world

The power of visualization              Never stop learning


Why I love this book:

·        It is jam packed with practical wisdom in bite size chunks. Each topic iscompleted in two pages, one page being a large quote.

·        The topics are spot on to encourage personal growth such as TheImportance of Change, Don’t Fear Failure, Winning Strategies, The Power ofVisualization, Dealing with Adversity and The Power of Repetition, WhatSuccessful People See, to name a few.

·        An easy read perfect for a morning or evening routine.Amotivating start to the day or positive ending to each day that takes just aminute but will leave you pondering how you can apply this truth to your life.

·        It references many historical and influential leaderswe can learn from.  Each topic startswith an inspiring quote from qualified leaders and then builds from there,often including personal stories from these leaders.

·        I’ve read a lot of personal growth books, and I foundthe author’s take on typical topics very refreshing.

·        The author grew up in my town, Fort Wayne, IN and graduatedfrom Concordia College and went on to attend Concordia Seminary.  

This book would be beneficial for any age group, but I plan on buying acopy for all the graduates in my life because of its easy readability.

If you are looking for short inspirational reading to add to your dailyroutine, this one fits the bill!

-Jan Jones